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Mediapro is a complete media solution that allows you to display on demand content on visual displays. The cloud based platform helps you schedule ads and other content easily right from your desktop. The content is broadcasted to your network of screens in real time, giving you total control of which content plays when at what location.

The automation tool to take care of all processess related to Energy Billing for companies. It has been well received by all the Clients wherever it has been deployed.

VRUP's Virtual Reality ( VR ) Media Player has been specially designed for viewing 360 degree videos and virtual tours on the phone, without the need for an internet connection. This VR player is compatible with Android phones, iOS phones, Google Glasses, Samsung Gear, Occulus Rift and other headgears. You can view 4K Very high-resolution HD videos. You can even get your own 360 videos made.

Reward your customers with a Loyalty Program for your brand. Give them gifts and points for buying your product. The Loyalty Management System allows your customers to get points when they buy/use your product. Points can be redeemed easily by SMS, Missed Call, or through an app. The entire program runs under your own brand

An "excellent" way to simplify your Supply Chain Management. Excellent is a cloud-based system that simplifies your business process, allowing your sales, accounting and logistics teams to function together smoothly using a single mobile app. The sales team takes an order, the warehouse team executes it, accounts team raises the invoice and collects the payments.

Track is an app that monitors and tracks the daily routes and timings of field employees. It can be installed on any Android or iOS phone, making it easy to get the real-time location of your employees. Tracking is done through a cloud-based admin panel which can also be accessed on your phone. Track is the single most important communications tool that puts the power back into the hands of employers.

Today, waste management from its inception to its disposal is one of the important challenges for the municipal corporations in all over the world. For this we have proposed RFID and IOT based wireless solid waste management system for smart cities which allows municipal corporations to monitor the status of dustbins remotely over web server and keep cities clean very efficiently by optimizing cost and time required for it. As soon as dustbin has reached its maximum level, waste management department gets alert via SMS via gsm module placed at dustbin so the department can send waste collector vehicle to the respective location to collect garbage.

The workforce management tool that lets you track and manage your field teams. Its modules include - trouble ticket management, preventive/corrective maintenance, fuel capture and maintaining the asset register.

It is an intelligent enterprise billing engine for all tower sharing companies which enables a faster bill to payment cycle from the Operators. It drastically reduces opex, increases monetization of assets, and helps manage SLAs on a single platform.

Monitors your network by collecting parameters from SMPS and exporting alarms to the tower operations centre.

We provide 24/7 monitoring of the global battery population. The system delivers predictive reports for service life and replacement planning, as well as alarms in case of malfunctions. The Mobile app can be used to get instant theft notification, capture performance data, manage & monitor batteries etc. It will also guide technicians through installation to ensure that there are no mistakes.

PIC is a complete healthcare solution which keeps a record of your vaccinations, certified by medical practitioners. It is currently being used in the EU as a certified medical passport for travel purposes. Blockchain Technology is used to ensure 100% data authenticity

Zippy is a convenient work order management solution that allows you to automate and optimize your fieldforce. Geo-fencing allows you to get the real-time location of your employees. The application provides features like image and facial recognition, assignment and tracking of work orders, and intelligent ticketing module. This is a cloud-based platform ready for scalability with complete security.

Zippy Park is a convenient valet parking solution that provides a seamless and carefree parking experience to the users. You can use it for easy car pick-up and drop requests. The application also provides you with the option to extend your valet service by calling the assigned valet driver or filling up a simple form with the updated pickup date and time. The application provides a user-friendly dashboard for service agents making it more efficient and convenient.